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  • Through its constant research and development, Global has continued to lead its nation's storage battery industry. From the beginning, Global's motto has been to provide its customers with "more powerful and durable batteries". Therefore, Global has been in the pursuit of quality advanced technology in the battery manufacturing business.
  • In order to stay in competition with the international battery market, Global has established capital and technical ties with the world's most renowned battery manufacturers, such as Yuasa Corporation of Japan, Hagen Batteries AG. of Germany, and SAFT of France.
  • Maintaining a persistent priority of quality, Global has already been certified both domestically and internationally, with UL, JIS, ISO9000, ISO14000, certification of Atomic Energy and TS16949 - a proof beyond doubt of the exceptional technology that inspires confidence.
  • In Global's Central Institute of Battery Technology, top notch engineers and researchers are devoted to developing the latest technologies in various fields.
    In this regard, its R&D efforts guarantee further progress and improvement.
  • Global's R&D teams are currently exploring areas such as alternative clean energy and pollution-free energy.
    Its efforts will secure for outstanding position not only in the battery industry but also in the advanced energy industries of the future.
    Global will continue its efforts to bring a more convenient society.
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