Motive battery contains the special know-how of
Sebang Global Battery that accumulated for half a century

Battery pack for golf cart

High efficiency battery pack

Li-ion battery

  • 51V class 4.54kwh capacity battery for golf carts.
  • Li-ion application allowed longer lifespan and reduced replacement cycle.
  • Significantly reduced maintenance time.
  • Safe to use with BMS system.
Extend of battery life
  • High energy density.
  • Improved performance and longer life expectancy.
  • Extended life through the Cell Balancing function.
  • Life Cycle (2000 Cycle DOD 80% standard room temperature)


Securing safety
  • Dual protection structure of the Slave BMS and Master BMS inside the pack.
  • Rapid charging/discharging capability depending on the charger’s capacity.
  • Designed high current discharge, high capacity realization, heat value/serial explosion control pack.
  • Block design eliminates shock/vibration stress.
  • Control of the minimum heating rate with a natural cooling flow path design
  • Eliminate cell deviations.
  • Secured space between cells and designed the case to be flame retardant.

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